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About powermechanics.com:

The title of this website is based on a column I used to write for SuperFord Magazine by Dobbs Publishing.

Before I was employed as an engine builder, on the advice of Harvey Crane I acquired a "Cam Doctor" by Quadrant Scientific, in order to refine and understand the performance and racing camshafts that I was installing in customer engines. I have since measured over 1000+ cams.

Most of what you will find here is "Cam Doctor" or camshaft related information and topics, although there are other pages that reflect my current interests.

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Services Available Pricing
Measurment of Cam with Cam Dr. $15 - $50 depending on number of lobes
Conversion of Cam Dr. data to various formats available, including Cam Pro for Cam Dr., 4stHEAD, .s96 for use in various other products. Please contact me with your specific requirements.
Design a new profile to your specific requirements, with output available as a machining table or Landis .p file, Berco Master, etc. Please contact me with your specific requirements.

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