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Auto Related
Description File Name Size in KBytes
Crane Master List (Grind numbering and profile data as of 6-13-2005) CraneMasterList.pdf 379KB
Reed Cams catalog scanned and donated by Daniel Oberwortmann, thanks Daniel. Reed2000Profile.pdf 12.2MB

Cam Doctor Related Files and Utilities
Attention owners of Cam Doctor: The Cam Doctor software that I have made available for download are direct zip archives of my working copies. I have included my own icon with related .pif for use of the program in Windows. Cam Doctor software can be used in Windows for retrieving and reviewing existing Cam Doctor files only, the program MUST be run in a clean DOS environment when recording data.
Description File Name Size in KBytes
Quadrant Scientific Cam Doctor v1.065 (1987)
My original release
camdr106.zip 159KB
Quadrant Scientific Cam Doctor v1.08 (1995)
(Most current release I am aware of, will work with revised boards. I included one of my data files for testing the installation)
camdr108.zip 195KB
Quadrant Scientific Direct Readout Program
(Allows direct use of linear gauge as measurement device)
dir_out.zip 291KB
Ono Sokki Gage Manual
Gage Data and Wiring Diagrams
GS-1500-1600.pdf 350KB