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Updated Nov 15, 2015

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ADCOLE The top of the food chain as far as sophisticated camshaft measurement equipment.
American Custom Cam Advertises cam grinding for classic, domestic, foriegn, vintage, industrial, and high performance applications.
Andrews Products CNC Cam and matster plate manufacturing, actually makes the masters for a whole bunch of other cam grinders. Also offers cam design software.
AudieTechnology Home of CamPro, CamPro Plus, Flow Quick, Dynomation, Engine Expert, and software consulting.

Professor Blair & Associates Engine cylinder head and cam design software package offerings from some well known engineers.
Bullet Racing Racing camshaft services, has also acquired the assets and masters for Ultradyne now

CamCraft Cams Specialty racing cam grinds
Cam Motion Specialty racing cam grinds, also in house manufacturing of high quality 8620 roller cores.
Camshaft Design Systems German engineering company, camshaft design and simulation software.
Cam Research Camshaft business side of Scott Main "MPG" Head Service, Ford centric.
Camshaft Shop Retail arm of New Zealand based high performance cams and cylinder heads for Kelford Cams.
Cat Cams Lots of engine coverage, however the website layout is pretty goofy, prepare to be patient.
ChetHerbert Chet Herbert mail order parts, as well as cams
ClaySmith The original "Mr.Horsepower", Cams, T-Shirts, other nostalgia memoribilia.
C.O.M.E. Racing Australian engine builder with in house cam grinding program.
Comp Cams One of the original performance biggies, lots of profiles beyond the catalog, lots of parts
Crane Cams Crane Cams products and services
Crow Cams Australian based custom cam grinding, and other valvetrain parts manufacturing.
Crower Cams Still one of the few family run companies, can grind almost anything for any application. Cranks, rods, clutches, rocker arms manufactured in house.
CustomCamshaftCo. Custom Camshaft was part of Arrington Engines, and employed the design services of the late Harold Brookshire. The assets were sold to Howard's Camshafts.

Delta Cam Custom camshaft grinding to factory or performance profiles. Camshaft repairs and lobe welding.
DynoCams Karting, Landis CNC Grinding Services

Elgin Cams Dema Elgin is one of the few who actually knew Ed Winfield, the intellectual grandfather of all hot rod cams.
Enders Racing In house camshaft grinding to complement their engine business.
Engle Cams Engle Cams has been around for a long time, has some pretty tricky profiles for Ford 2.3L and .906 tappet Chrysler.
Erson Cams Now part of the PBM Performance Products Group
Esslinger Long time in the business, famous for producing racing 2.3L Ford parts.

Harvey J. Crane What can you say, built one of the most successful aftermarket businesses ever, pioneered almost every cam grinding, measuring, manufacturing technique currently in use by the cam biz. No longer a valid website.
HKS USA One of the original suppliers for Japanese aftermarket racing parts.
Howards Cams Old cam company in a new location. May also be a source for Madden Racing profiles?
Huskins Engineering Huskins Engineering, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Robert Bennett, contract engineering and on-site product development for automotive engine factories.

Integral Cams Custom camshaft profile designs, Private Camshaft Consuliting Only
Isky Racing Cams Been around a long time, lots of cams for all makes, and manufacture some of the best professional endurance valve springs available to the general public.

Jesel The best known racing rocker arms for professional engine builders, belt drives, roller lifters.
Jones Cam Designs Mike Jones is a 2nd generation cam designer located in North Carolina.

Kams Inc. Large industrial camshaft manufacturing and design.
Kelford Cams Large industrial camshaft manufacturing, regrinding.

Lazer Cams Still a valid url, but just an ISP place holder. Bill Metzger, founder of Lazer, has passed on due to cancer. Bullet Racing acquired some of the Lazer stock and masters, so they may be able to replicate a Lazer based cam.
Lotus Engineering Software Lotus Group Engineering offereings for engine simulation, camshaft design and valvetrain dynamic simulation. If you have to ask, you can't afford it...
LSM Manufacturer of custom 8620 steel cam cores, prototype cams, masters, use mostaly all CNC equipment. Also manufacture billet racing blocks.
Lunati Cams This is the new Lunati Cams website.

Megacycle Known for motorcycle applications, but also involved in camshaft manufacturing, modern racing profile design, cam grinding, welding, and vintage cam restoration. Catalog available for download.
MTS Complete in house machining and heat treatment process, seems oriented to the OEM market.

Newman Cams Specialise in the production of Automotive Camshafts/Cam Followers and Rocker Arms for motorcycles, automotive and industrial engines.

Oregon Cam Grinding Stock and Performance Grinding Services

Performance Trends Cam Analyzer Computer Program to Measure Cam (camshaft) Profiles by Hand, or Analyze (graph and report) Several Various Computerized Cam File Formats like Cam Dr (tm) and Cam Pro Plus (tm)
PiperCams UK based high performance / racing cams and components.

Redline Racing Cams Solid, Roller, Panzer Tank cams offered.
Reed Cams John Reed was one of the few guys you never heard about unless you were involved in Winston Cup racing, supplied parts to a lot of very successful racing programs. Reed Cams is closed for business (sometime in the spring?) until further notice. Website is gone now, have been told that the company assets are for sale.

Schneider Cams Lots of engine coverage, lubricants, and accessories.
Specialty Motor Cams Ford Model A/B engine hot rod parts, engine building and dyno testing, and new 8620 camshafts manufactured in house.
Spiro's Cams Offers all the "John Delong" profiles, as well as modern custom grinds for cars and motorcycles. See Redline Racing Cams.
Stahl Headers Another guy known for header design, but heavily into cam design as well. Jere Stahl was a consultant to Audie Thomas when the Cam Pro analysis software was being developed.

T&D Machine Shaft mount rocker systems for popular engines. Also make a neat "Engine Blueprinting Kit" for precision engine assembly.
Toda Racing Primarily Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Performance & Racing Cams
Tomei USA Japanese racing engine parts

Ultradyne This link takes you to the Bullet Racing site, which has all the famous Ultradyne cam assets, and can grind Ultradyne profiles.
WebCam Camshaft restoration and welding are just a few of the services offered. Good cam terminology page available HERE .

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