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What Is A "Cam Doctor" ?

The original "Cam Doctor" was produced by Quadrant Scientific in Louisville, CO by a collaboration of Al Thomas, Cindy Anderson, and more famously William "Oz" Anderson. This company is no longer in business.
The basic tool was a measuring stand which centered the camshaft on movable V-Blocks, an electronic linear displacement gage, and a rotation encoder. The cam is rotated by hand and simultanous lobe travel and rotation are captured by an interface card and software and saved to a computer hard drive for analysis. The results can be compared lobe to lobe for an evaluation of machining quality, and to validate if the camshaft was manufacturered as expected. There are several more modern alternative products available now, from Audie Technology , Andrews Products , and Performance Trends for instance, but the original Cam Doctor is still a useful measurement tool if you are lucky enought to have one. To see more detail regarding the actual components, click HERE
The "Cam Doctor" or similar product does not replace the requirement for "dialing in" or properly installing a camshaft in an engine, but is a valuable tool for measuring all important features of a camshaft and comparing the results to the published or expected specifications. When the cam is then installed in an engine, the measurements from the engine should match, and further qualify that the block machining is properly orienting the cam and lifters. If measurement of a new cam in an engine does not match the manufacturers "cam card", if the cam was not measured first the error could be either the cam or the block.

Sample Screens of Cam Doctor Software
Cam Dr. Main Menu

Cam Description Entry

Stored Sample Data

Lift Curve Graphics

Velocity Curve Graphics

Acceleration Curve Graphics

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